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Week of June 8th, 2020

Picking up Items left in book bins

Students in our class took home most of their personal items on the final Friday that we had classes at Ray school. If you choose to, room 115 families will have an opportunity to return to school on Monday between 12:45 and 1:45 to retrieve your students’ consumable math book, or any item, which was left in your students’ book bin. Families will not be allowed inside of the building. If you choose to come, please go to the auditorium doors between 12:45 and 1:45pm and someone will go to the classroom and retrieve your students’ items which have been labeled and placed inside of their mailbox.

Final week to submit work

All must do assignments must be submitted to me by Thursday, June 11th. In order for students to earn a letter grade for the quarter I will need work for 6 or more weeks of the quarter. If students have submitted less than 6 weeks worth of work they will receive a pass for the quarter. The final week of school, there will not be any must do assignments. I will still continue to post assignments, however, they will not count towards students’ final grades.

The last week of school we will have fun live Google Meets each morning. I will record the sessions for families who are unable to attend. Here is the tentative schedule for our final Google Meets: Monday, June 15th we will have our final literacy lesson. Tuesday, June 16th students will meet to share their Science habitat presentations. Wednesday, June 17th students will meet to share their Covid-19 time capsules. Thursday, June 18th students will meet for our final class and have an opportunity to share their summer plans, and say goodbye to all of their friends.

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