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Week of May 18, 2020

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be printed and mailed out this week.  Students have been receiving weekly grades for work they are submitting in each subject.  If they did not submit work, students were given an excused or incomplete mark (Exc or Inc). Those marks do not lower a student’s grade.  Students have received grades based on the work they have submitted.  If students have done some work, but are missing more than 2 weeks of work they will receive a “P” for pass.  If a students’ grade average is lower than their 3rd quarter grade, they will also receive a “P” for pass.  You can check your students progress by logging into (ASPEN) parent portal – grades have been updated weekly.  

Virtual ABC Countdown to SUMMER VACATION 2020

Ray school will continue our tradition of the ABC Countdown to summer vacation virually! We have come up with some fun activities that we can do from home this year. Here is our virtual countdown.

Google Classroom Assignments

Our daily remote learning lessons are posted directly into our Google Classroom. You may connect to our classroom by clicking here, and entering the class code: jm7dyot. Most of the lessons are in a digital format so that your student may submit all work directly to me using paperless technology. Each day’s assignments go “live” at 9:00am. You may, however, complete the assignments at any time that is convenient for your family. We will have a weekly “live” Google Meet each Monday at 9:00am.

Specials’ Google Classrooms

Senor Walter, Mr. Beestrum, and Ms. Walker have created their own Google Classrooms for Spanish, Art, and Music respectively. You may connect to them by clicking here, and entering the following class codes:

Spanish code: ldbliql  Art Code gvu4iun Music Code: 3k5q6b2.

Ms. Jerris our gym teacher will begin posting your weekly PE assignment directly into our Google Classroom, so be on the lookout for that assignment.

As always please continue to take care and stay healthy.

For your convenience, I am posting some more do anytime activities below.

You may also download our most recent packet by clicking here.

You may also download our most recent packet by clicking here.

You may also download it directly by clicking here.

For your convenience I am also including links to previous school closure packets, and all of our additional supplemental resources.

You may also download the packet by clicking here.

CPS also created a second supplemental packet.  You may download and print it by clicking here.

You may download the first packet I sent home with students here.

CPS has created fun at home projects which students may complete here.

In addition, I am including links to online resources with interactive videos and lessons which you may use during this time as well.

I love this resource which Scholastic has posted for all families throughout the United States who are learning from home due to school closures.  Here is the link for students in grades 1-2.  This website has videos as well as activities that students may use to continue their lessons during this time.  They are adding videos and activities daily.

Headsprout and Raz-Kids:  http://www.headsprout.com

Students use these two applications in our classroom daily.  Our class username is mwebb49.  Students passwords are their first names followed by their book bin number.  For example:  michelle12.  Once you get to our class page, students will know what to do.  There is a free app for both of these programs called Kids A-Z.  Your student is used to seeing the app.

Moby Max:  https://www.mobymax.com/signin/rm115

Students use this as a math resource in our room daily as well.    Students have two pictures which they have selected.  Once again, students will know what to do when they are taken to the screen.

If you’re looking for some Science resources, Mystery Science has free resources for school closures as well.  You can view them here.

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