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Week of September 30th, 2019

Math – This week students will wrap up Unit 1 of our Everyday Math curriculum.  Students will take an assessment on Monday reviewing the skills of tallying, counting up, counting down, and writing number stories.  We will then begin working in Unit 2 which focuses on addition, subtraction, and working with ten frames.


Language Arts – This week in reading students will focus on poetry, and discuss how it is different from literature and informational text.  Students will also work with word families.  In writing, students will focus on using word patterns as a spelling strategy to spell their words.


Social StudiesThis week we will continue discussing rules in the larger context of our society as well as school.  We will focus on citizenship, and what makes good citizens – being respectful, having compassion, and being responsible.


Science – This week students will continue studying our first unit of the year – Sun, Moon, and Planets.  This week students will focus on learning what makes day and what makes night.. 


 If you have any questions, please e-mail me at mmwebb@cps.edu or call me at 773-535-0970.

 For your convenience the homework chart for the week is below.


Ms. Webb


Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math and Reading Comprehension Work Homework Sheet #15 Practice and Phonics Homework Sheet #16 Place Value and Language Homework Sheet #17 Geometry and Vocabulary Homework Sheet #18 Graphing and Phonics None
  Reading Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes


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