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Week of December 10th, 2018

Holiday Assembly – We will be performing the song “The Rock and Roll Snowman” in this year’s holiday assembly.  The assembly will be on December 21st (the exact time to come later). Students should wear any (or all) of these colors – red, green, white, and/or blue.  Students can also wear holiday sweaters or dresses if they would like. Finally, we will be wearing sunglasses and using toy guitars as props. So, if your students have a pair of sunglasses, or a toy guitar please send them to school next week so that we may practice using them.


Ear Buds – At the beginning of the year all students had ear buds or headphones to use on our iPads.  Many of the ear buds have broken. Please ask your student if they need a new pair of ear buds or headphones.  If they do, please purchase a pair over the holiday break.


Pizza party – Next Friday, December 21st we will have a pizza party and a farewell celebration for Ms. Montney.  We will also welcome our new intern Ms. Zelnick. I will purchase pizza for the class, but if families would like to send in juice boxes, plates, napkins, cookies, etc. I would appreciate it.  Please email me what you plan to send in.


Snacks – We are in need of snacks.  If you have not sent snacks in lately, please send some in.  We currently have 25 students in our room.


MVOL Family Literacy Night – PreK- Grade 2 is invited to a Gingerbread theme family literacy night on Tuesday, December 11th from 4-5 pm in the school cafeteria.  There will be Gingerbread themed activities for the students and parents to do together.  


Math – This week students will finish working in Unit 4.  Students will focus on measurement, adding multi-digit numbers, and adding using base-10 blocks. They will have their Unit 4 assessment on Thursday. Study packets will be sent home.  Please complete the study packet with your student. Students can also continue their independent learning at home by visiting mobymax.com. Our school is listed as Ray elem, and students know their online usernames and passwords.


Language Arts – This week we will continue our non-fiction unit.  Our reading skill this week is determining the importance of details.  We will also continue reading our new novel Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  Students can also continue independent practice at home on Headsprout.com.  The class username is mmwebb1. Students know their individual passwords once on the class website.


Social Studies – This week students will finish learning about Native Americans of the Southwest Coast.  


Science – This week students will continue with our solids and liquids unit.  Students will review the topics we have covered, then take an assessment to see their growth and understanding of the content to wrap up our first science unit of the school year.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mmwebb@cps.edu.




Ms. Webb and Ms. Montney


Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math and Reading Comprehension Work Homework Sheet #50

Review and Vocabulary

Homework Sheet #51

Place Value and Phonics

Homework Sheet #52 Comprehension and Fast Facts Homework Sheet #53                                      Grammar and Problem Solving None
High Frequency Words:  about, world, first, two, slowly, everything, two, store, her, of Make a note card for each word. Practice reading the cards until you can
read each word quickly and accurately.
Write the words in ABC order.  Continue to practice cards. Continue to practice cards. Continue to practice cards. None
Reading Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes


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