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Happy Summer Vacation!!

I hope that all of our students here at Ray Elementary School have a happy and safe summer!!  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school in September.


Looking for some fun summer learning activities?  Here are a few suggestions.


Read everyday.  Check out Starfall, or if you are one of my students from last school year Raz-kids.  Don’t forget to visit the Chicago Public Library as well.


Continue your math studies this summer with Mobymax – If you were in my class this past school year, you know your password (don’t forget we are listed as Ray elem on the website).  Continue with your lessons in all strands of math, and sharpen your math operations skills as well.  Log into Mobymax each week over the summer.  You can also continue to login to ST math.


Write every week.    If you need some ideas for get started, try these:

I feel happy when. . .

My favorite thing to do is. . .

On weekends I like to . . .

I was really embarrassed when . . .

My best friend and I . . .

When I’m grouchy . . .

I wish my parents . . .

If I had three wishes . . .


For your convenience here are some important dates, and information:


Ray’s Summer Office Hours

July 17-19th, 10am-1pm

July 24-26th, 10am-1pm

August 7-9th, 10am-1pm

August 14-16th, 10 am-1pm

August 21-23rd, 10am-1pm

August 28-31st, 8:45-3:45 pm


*And by appointment only

Principal, Megan Thole: mmthole@cps.edu

Assistant Principal, Gayle Harris-Neely: gpharrisneely@cps.edu


SY18-19 Information

Orientation & Class Assignment Dates

August 28th: 7th & 8th @ 2:45

August 29th: 5th & 6th @ 2:45

August 30th: K-4th @ 2:45


First Day of School

Tuesday, September 4th

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