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Week of April 9th, 2018

Rockfest – Our class will be performing in Rockfest this Wednesday.  The performance is from 9:15am until 10:00am in the auditorium.  Parents are welcome to attend.


Report Card Pickup – Spring parent teacher conferences are scheduled for next Wednesday, April 18th.  If you have not scheduled a conference time yet, please email me at mmwebb@cps.edu with your preference.  I will begin conferences at 11:00am, and will end them at 6:00pm.  Please let me know the hour of your first and second choice time.


Mural Painting – Second graders at Ray are painting a special mural.  All second graders will have a chance to work on the mural once.  We are painting on Fridays and we will be using permanent paint. So please send your students to school on Fridays with clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty (or a smock).


Snacks – We are running very low on snacks again.  If you have not contributed snacks in a while, please consider sending some in.  There are currently 25 students in our room.


Math – This week we will begin working on Unit 8.   Students will continue exploring geometry. Students will learn about different types of angles, and triangles.  Students will also learn about vertices and describing attributes of shapes. Students will continue their individualized small group math instruction and Mobymax.  Students may work on their Mobymax at home as well as at school.


Language Arts – We will continue reading our final novel of the school year this week The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau.  As April is National Poetry Month, we will continue focusing on poetry this week.  We will specifically look at figurative language in poems. Students will continue writing their own poems, as well as reading poems. Finally, students will continue their individualized reading on Raz-Kids.com and Moby Max reading.    


Social Studies – This week we will have our first Passport presentation.  This week we will learn about Japan. This quarter I am asking parents to come into the classroom and share their experiences living, and visiting other countries.  If you would like to share a country you’ve been to with our class, please email me at mmwebb@cps.edu to schedule a time that is convenient for you and the class.


Science – This week we will continue our insects and plants unit.  Students will continue learning about the anatomy of insects this week.  In addition our Painted Lady Caterpillars and mealworms have arrived, and students will begin observing them.           


 If you have any questions, please e-mail me at mmwebb@cps.edu or call me at 773-535-0970.

 For your convenience the homework chart for the week is below.



Ms. Webb & Ms. Schuch

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math and Reading Comprehension Work Homework Sheet #101 Place Value and Phonics Homework Sheet #102 Measurement and Comprehension Homework Sheet #103 Problem Solving and Grammar Homework Sheet #104 Money and Writing None
Reading Comprehension Sheet Read this week’s Reading Comprehension sheet Re-Read this week’s Reading Comprehension sheet. Re-read this week’s Reading Comprehension sheet. Answer all of the questions on this week’s sheet, and turn it in tomorrow.
Writing: Write a story this week about anything you want. None
 Reading Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Read for a minimum of 30 minutes Read for a minimum of 30 minutes


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