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Week of December 18th, 2017

Winter Assembly – Students will perform Feliz Navidad in this year’s Winter Assembly.  The assembly is Friday morning at 9:15am.  Students may wear dark colored bottoms, and red, green, white, or blue tops or sweaters.  Little girls may also wear holiday dresses.  Students may also wear a holiday hat, or antlers if they wish.   


Pizza Party – Students have earned a pizza party on Friday.  As my holiday gift to my class, I will be buying the pizza.  The pizza is NOT their lunch.  Students should still bring a lunch to school on Friday.  In addition, students will be watching the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  If you do not wish for your student to view this movie, please let me know.


Attendance Challenge – All students who are on time and present each day this week will receive an invitation to a staff versus students basketball game.


Week Long School wide Project – Random Acts of Kindness at Ray

Monday – Student to student in the same class.  Tuesday, Student to teacher and/or support staff.  Wednesday, Student to clinician, resource teacher, office staff, safe passage, custodian, lunchroom staff or bus driver.  Thursday – Student to family member.  Friday – Student to student not in the same class, or free choice.  Students are encouraged to write a note, give a compliment, and help keep our school clean.  These are suggestions, but all random acts of kindness are encouraged.


Math – This week we will continue working on double-digit addition with and without regrouping, story problems with double-digit regrouping and measurement. Students will also continue their individualized learning on Mobymax.  Students may work on their Mobymax at home as well as at school.   


Language Arts – This week we will focus on comparing and contrasting as we finish our novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Students will also be viewing the movie on Friday and compare and contrast it to the novel.  In addition, students will be writing snowflake poems, and reading the story The Polar Express.


Social StudiesThis week students will continue learning about landforms, and how they impact life on our planet.


Science – This week students will continue working with solids and liquids.  This week students will explore chemical change.    




Ms. Webb & Ms. Schuch


Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math and Reading Comprehension Work Homework Sheet #51 Phonics and Place Value Homework Sheet #52 Comprehension and Fast Facts Homework Sheet #53 Grammar and Problem Solving Homework Sheet #54 Writing and Graphing None
Writing: Write a story this week about anything you want. None
 Reading Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes



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