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Week of December 4, 2017

Math – This week we will continue working in Unit 4.  Students will focus on measuring objects with a foot-long foot. Students will also begin working with place value in preparation for adding multi-digit numbers. Students will be introduced to the inch and centimeter as a standard unit length.  Students will take a brief quiz on Friday reviewing what we’ve covered so far in Unit 4.  Students will also continue their individualized learning on Mobymax.  Students may work on their Mobymax at home as well as at school.   


Language Arts – This week we will continue reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  We will also continue working with informational texts as students work to identify reasons to support the main ideas in our reading and writing. Students will be assessed this week on their ability to identify the main idea in informational texts.


Social StudiesThis week students will finish learning about life in early America.  In addition, they will begin learning about landforms.


Science – This week students will continue working with solids and liquids.  This week students will continue learning about physical change, and explore what happens when solids are mixed with liquids.    


 If you have any questions, please e-mail me at mmwebb@cps.edu or call me at 773-535-0970.

 For your convenience the homework chart for the week is on the reverse of this overview.



Ms. Webb & Ms. Schuch

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math and Reading Comprehension Work Homework Sheet #45 Review and Vocabulary Homework Sheet #46 Place Value and Phonics Homework Sheet #47 Comprehension and Fast Facts Homework Sheet #48 Grammar and Problem Solving None
Writing: Write a story this week about anything you want. None
 Reading Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes


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