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Week of October 2, 2017

Message from Ray PTO – Our fall fundraiser is underway!  You should have received an Affy Tapple order form with instructions in your student’s folder (if not, you can download them online here .  Order forms and checks are due Friday, October 13.  Please take orders from friends, family, neighbors and co-workers – you’ll be pleased to find many people want to support our school!  Incentives and prizes awarded to individual students and classrooms!

Raz-Kids and Moby MaxYour students now know their login usernames and passwords for both Moby Max and Raz-kids.  Feel free to have your students login from home and continue their learning.  For Raz-kids make sure you have logged into my class, versus your teacher’s class from last school year.  My username is mmwebb1.

Math – This week students will finish working in Unit 1.  We will review our unit and plan to take the unit test on Thursday.  I will be sending home a study packet.  Please complete the study packet with your student.  Unit 1 focuses on counting coins, number patterns, odd and even numbers, and helping students memorize their addition facts and subtraction facts.

Language Arts – This week we will continue reading our first novel of the year, Zeely by Virginia Hamilton.  We will also read the story Diary of a Spider.  Our vocabulary words are: insects, dangerous, scare, sticky, rotten, screaming, breeze, and judge.  This week, students will finish writing their stories about a special day with their family.  Students will take a reading comprehension and vocabulary test on Friday.

Social StudiesThis week students will continue learning about our government, and the larger communities that we are a part of.

Science – This week students will continue our first unit of the year – solids and liquids.  This week students will sorting solids based on their physical properties.  

 If you have any questions, please e-mail me at mmwebb@cps.edu or call me at 773-535-0970.

 For your convenience the homework chart for the week is on the reverse of this overview.


Ms. Webb & Ms. Schuch

Homework chart for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math and Reading Comprehension Work Homework Sheet #15 Vocabulary and Review Homework Sheet #16 Phonics and Place Value, Complete Study Packet Homework Sheet #17 Comprehension and Fast Facts Homework Sheet #18 Grammar and Problem Solving None

insects, dangerous, scare, sticky, rotten, screaming, breeze, judge

Write a story using as many of the vocabulary words as possible. Bring Your Journey’s book home to re-read the story and prepare for tomorrow’s test. None
High Frequency Words: by, today, cheer, see, could, hello, read, hundred, play, mind Make a note card for each word. Practice reading the cards until you can
read each word quickly and accurately.
Write the words in ABC order.  Continue to practice cards. Continue to practice cards Continue to practice cards None
Writing: Write a story using this week’s vocabulary words. None
 Reading Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes Read for a minimum of 15 minutes

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